Monday, July 25, 2011

Evan T. Reviews Captain America!

Note from Carly- I honestly had every intention of posting a new Hot Nerd today, but I'm going to push it off until tomorrow, so that we can look at Evan T's review of "Captain America: The First Avenger" while the topic is still relevant. Enjoy!

P.S. To Evan T. - Remember that $5 bet you and The Editor made about Cap vs. Thor? I think you'll be wanting to make sure you have that $5 on hand ;-)

Evan T. at the Movies!
Ok. Kiddies, I saw a little movie called "Captain America: The First Avenger". Twice. It was fantastic. And here is why...

Cap (Aka Chris Evans) Works so Well -  I was skeptical, like most, when Mr. Evans was cast. I had seen him in the Fantastic Four movies, Not Another Teen Movie, Cellular, and The Losers (if you haven't seen the last two, do yourself a favor and check them out) and didn't know if he could be my Steve Rogers. He does it and really does it well. Between some of the best special effects I have ever, EVER seen and the performance by Mr. Evans it all adds up to awesome. He did a amazing job and I cannot wait to see him as Cap again. This is the Cap I have waited for.

Holy Cow Does Marvel Know How to Pick Directors - So Joe Johnston was picked to helm this movie. He had previous experience directing October Sky and The Rocketeer ( A grossly undervalued movie) and he knocks it out of the park here. The whole movie, from the beginning in the present to the majority in 1942, everything works to perfection. Mr. Johnston has had "Pulp" hero experience and he uses that to his full advantage in Captain America. It works, so well.

Captain America Does NOT Try to Re-invent the Wheel - So, I watch a lot of cooking shows. They often say executing a complex dish is less complicated than executing a simple dish to perfection. I feel like Captain America did not try anything I haven't seen. Rather, they did a simple story and did it to perfection. From cast ( Listen, Tommy Lee Jones, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper, Toby Jones, Neal McDonough, Stanley Tucci and Derek Luke are all SUPPORTING ACTORS!!!. These people are stars in their own right and they are the supporting cast people!) to story, effect and pacing, everything is executed to perfection. They know their story has been told before. They just tell it better. 

Seriously, go see this movie. Marvel is on some kind of roll with their last few movies and man, I am ready for The Avengers.


Ok, so when you sit through the movie, past the credits, you will see a preview for 2012's Avengers movie. Holy Cow Awesome Sauce Fantastico Amazing! Seeing the heroes all together for the first time on a big screen is worth the 11 bucks alone. Seriously, are you not entertained?

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