Sunday, July 24, 2011

Catching Up With Carly

Hey everyone! This week is my unofficial comeback! I finally think I have the kid in enough of a routine (HA!) that I can FINALLY get in some writing... I thought since today is Sunday, and generally a low-traffic day, that I'd catch you up on what's been going on with me the past few weeks. I'll do it bulletin point style :-) I'll be back tomorrow with a brand new "Hot Nerd of the Week", as well as a link to my Big Shiny Robot "True Blood Review". Without further adieu, here has been what I've been up to since July 7th...

* Had a baby on July 8th

* Learned that babies really DO go through about 15 diapers (or more a day), as they are little shit factories

* Have watched the Summer premier of season 2 of "Homes From Hell" and season 1 of "Restoration Home"

* Discovered (much to my dismay) that I am now in the key demographic for people who watch "Good Morning America"

* Started watching "Torchwood" on Starz, and even though I LOVED "Torchwood" on BBC, the Starz version is currently rocking my world

*Almost finished "Deadwood". I only have one episode left to watch and I'm super sad about that, so I'm trying to delay watching it, because I can't come to terms with the fact that it went off the air four years ago...

* Begun watching "The Sopranos", and I feel like, if Italian Americans have a problem with "Jersey Shore", they HAD to have had a problem with "The Sopranos"

* Ordered a shit-load of clothes off the internet so I wouldn't have to go out in the disgusting heat

* Discovered that I have "Mommy-vision" while driving now. This amazing ability allows me to spot shitty drivers from a mile away

* Watched "Arrested Development" for the 10,128th time

Last but not least....

* I FINALLY broke 10,000 gamer points on XBox. I did it while playing "X-Men Arcade"

I know it looks like I've just been watching TV until my eyeballs fall out, but that's only because I have been, When the heat index has been over 100 degrees for the last week, the last thing on my mind is doing anything other than A) going swimming or B) leaving the confines of my central air.

Hope you all have a lovely day, and I'll be back tomorrow! Hopefully, I can even talk Evan T. into a couple of reviews this week :-)

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