Monday, August 15, 2011

We're on a (Cardboard) Boat!

So, over the weekend, The Editor and I did one of our favorite annual Summer things: The Cardboard Boat Race in Schyulerville, NY. It's in the middle of nowhere, and you have to get into the Husdon River (but not the gross part), and this was my second year, and I LOVE it. Last year our team got most enthusiastic because although we didn't win, we did have some spirit. We even rescued a couple of capsized kids! First, I'll post the picture from last years race, and then I'll post pics from this years race, where our boat defied physics and managed to take first place in our category, which was On-site Cardboard Boat. We made the entire thing of cardboard and duct tape, and it was amazing.

The 2010 boat. As you can see, it sunk, so we used it as a kickboard.

It was basically a queen sized mattress box, and some duct taped edges. Yup, that's about it!

The Editor (right) hard at work.

Bigby guarding our number and looking menacing

This is what it looks like when the announcer says "35 minutes of build time left!"

Action photo 1

Action photo 2

While everyone else is hard at work, me and Baby Bot were doing this.

Getting ready to launch the SS POS. (I'm in the red trunks, The Editor is on photography)

Right after we passed, and subsequently took out, a 13 year old

On our way back to the shore. Notice the utter lack of competition, they all cowered in fear!

And the SS POS takes first place!

The Cardboard Boat Race is always a great time, so if you live locally (or are willing to travel) we're always looking for more sailors! OR of you would rather build your own boat to race US, you're more than welcome to do that as well. For more info on CBBR, check out the Hudson Crossing CBBR page HERE

For some comic relief, here is the 2010 CBBR video. You can see us sink at 2:40!

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