Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HIYAH! Fruit Ninja for Kinect!

So, the editor told me about this super sweet game available in Xbox Arcade the other day. I had no idea that it was also an app! The game is Fruit Ninja, and it's awesome. I guess on the app, you slice fruit with your finger or whatever, but with the Kinect, you slice fruit WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY. I have no idea why karate chopping fruit is so satisfying, but it had me yelling things like "FU strawberry!", loud enough for the neighbors to hear. If you're looking for a super fun, super satisfying $10 game for the Kinect, I HIGHLY recommend Fruit Ninja.


  1. Cool! I never thought of hating fruts but this might be beneficial for some stressed folks out there. Its fruity madness would sure leave anyone hating fruits. :D buy aion accounts