Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carly Professes her Love for Falling Skies

I have yet another TV recommendation for all of you! I figure since the Summer shows are starting to wind down, and the Fall shows haven't started yet, maybe you'd like a nice post-apocalyptic thriller while you're waiting for The Walking Dead to come back. The show I'm talking about is Falling Skies.

On the surface, the story of Falling Skies looks a little like The Walking Dead, but I assure you, it's not. Falling Skies is a post-apocalyptic story about aliens. Basically, the aliens come, take out the major cities, then start going after who is next. As they're taking over our world, there are survivors who are creating a resistance. However, the aliens have managed to save our children, and use mind control to use the kids however they'd like. It's the perfect weapon, because no one wants to shoot a kid. The resistance manages to "save" a few of the children, and remove their harnesses (mind control devices), but not without consequence. It seems that some of the children die when the harness is removed, and those who have been wearing the harness longer have been permanently changed.

The resistance comes across others, who are not too keen to join the resistance, but through a matter of happenstance do, but not necessarily willingly.  We also watch the build up and melt down of a few of the strong characters, which I found very intriguing. We leave off the end of the season by going to war against the forces that have raped and pillaged our planet.

I'm trying to be relatively vague about what happens, just in case this convinces you to watch it. The story mainly  focuses on the Mason family. Tom Mason (Noah Wylie) is a father, whose wife was killed by the aliens. He has three sons. One is 16, and is a fighter in the resistance along side him, one who has been harnessed, and the harness has been removed, and the youngest who is smarter than he gets credit for. Noah Wylie's character was a history professor before the war started, so he is somewhat  of a war strategist. Listening to him talk about history gets a little daunting at times, but if you laugh it off (or turn it into a drinking game) it works.

All in all, I found it to be a very fun, very real show. It's full of humanity and the human spirit, and for TNT, the CGI was even pretty good. Dare I say, better than SyFy's. You should check it out, I think you'd like it.

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