Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HIYAH! Fruit Ninja for Kinect!

So, the editor told me about this super sweet game available in Xbox Arcade the other day. I had no idea that it was also an app! The game is Fruit Ninja, and it's awesome. I guess on the app, you slice fruit with your finger or whatever, but with the Kinect, you slice fruit WITH YOUR WHOLE BODY. I have no idea why karate chopping fruit is so satisfying, but it had me yelling things like "FU strawberry!", loud enough for the neighbors to hear. If you're looking for a super fun, super satisfying $10 game for the Kinect, I HIGHLY recommend Fruit Ninja.

Monday, August 15, 2011

We're on a (Cardboard) Boat!

So, over the weekend, The Editor and I did one of our favorite annual Summer things: The Cardboard Boat Race in Schyulerville, NY. It's in the middle of nowhere, and you have to get into the Husdon River (but not the gross part), and this was my second year, and I LOVE it. Last year our team got most enthusiastic because although we didn't win, we did have some spirit. We even rescued a couple of capsized kids! First, I'll post the picture from last years race, and then I'll post pics from this years race, where our boat defied physics and managed to take first place in our category, which was On-site Cardboard Boat. We made the entire thing of cardboard and duct tape, and it was amazing.

The 2010 boat. As you can see, it sunk, so we used it as a kickboard.

It was basically a queen sized mattress box, and some duct taped edges. Yup, that's about it!

The Editor (right) hard at work.

Bigby guarding our number and looking menacing

This is what it looks like when the announcer says "35 minutes of build time left!"

Action photo 1

Action photo 2

While everyone else is hard at work, me and Baby Bot were doing this.

Getting ready to launch the SS POS. (I'm in the red trunks, The Editor is on photography)

Right after we passed, and subsequently took out, a 13 year old

On our way back to the shore. Notice the utter lack of competition, they all cowered in fear!

And the SS POS takes first place!

The Cardboard Boat Race is always a great time, so if you live locally (or are willing to travel) we're always looking for more sailors! OR of you would rather build your own boat to race US, you're more than welcome to do that as well. For more info on CBBR, check out the Hudson Crossing CBBR page HERE

For some comic relief, here is the 2010 CBBR video. You can see us sink at 2:40!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Carly Professes her Love for Falling Skies

I have yet another TV recommendation for all of you! I figure since the Summer shows are starting to wind down, and the Fall shows haven't started yet, maybe you'd like a nice post-apocalyptic thriller while you're waiting for The Walking Dead to come back. The show I'm talking about is Falling Skies.

On the surface, the story of Falling Skies looks a little like The Walking Dead, but I assure you, it's not. Falling Skies is a post-apocalyptic story about aliens. Basically, the aliens come, take out the major cities, then start going after who is next. As they're taking over our world, there are survivors who are creating a resistance. However, the aliens have managed to save our children, and use mind control to use the kids however they'd like. It's the perfect weapon, because no one wants to shoot a kid. The resistance manages to "save" a few of the children, and remove their harnesses (mind control devices), but not without consequence. It seems that some of the children die when the harness is removed, and those who have been wearing the harness longer have been permanently changed.

The resistance comes across others, who are not too keen to join the resistance, but through a matter of happenstance do, but not necessarily willingly.  We also watch the build up and melt down of a few of the strong characters, which I found very intriguing. We leave off the end of the season by going to war against the forces that have raped and pillaged our planet.

I'm trying to be relatively vague about what happens, just in case this convinces you to watch it. The story mainly  focuses on the Mason family. Tom Mason (Noah Wylie) is a father, whose wife was killed by the aliens. He has three sons. One is 16, and is a fighter in the resistance along side him, one who has been harnessed, and the harness has been removed, and the youngest who is smarter than he gets credit for. Noah Wylie's character was a history professor before the war started, so he is somewhat  of a war strategist. Listening to him talk about history gets a little daunting at times, but if you laugh it off (or turn it into a drinking game) it works.

All in all, I found it to be a very fun, very real show. It's full of humanity and the human spirit, and for TNT, the CGI was even pretty good. Dare I say, better than SyFy's. You should check it out, I think you'd like it.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Shiny True Blood Review

Hey guys! Since it's become a total bitch for me to try and maintain two writing gigs AND a baby, I've decided that the days I post on BSR, I probably won't post on here. HOWEVER, I will send you the link to BSR, so that you can still enjoy me :-)

Check out my Big Shiny review HERE!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Eve Myles!

In keeping up with my "Hotties of the UK" segment, I have to put up my girl Eve Myles. Eve plays Gwen cooper in the Dr. Who spin off, Torchwood. She's a total badass, especially in the newest installment of the show, where she plays a badass agent, as well as a badass wife and mom.

This Welsh hottie was born in Wales in 1978. As a kid, she had a huge passion for boxing, but she had to give it up after breaking her knuckles. After high school she attended the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama in Cardiff, where she received a BA in acting.

Eve had small roles in shows like Merlin and Dr. Who, but her big break came in 2000 when she was cast as Ceri Owen in the BBC Wales drama Belonging. She stayed with the show all the way until its end in 2009.

In 2006 Eve took on the role that would launch her into nerdom with her role as Gwen Cooper in Torchwood. The fourth series of the show began this Summer on Starz, taking Gwen Cooper and Captain Jack to the US.

Eve's amazing accent, plus her ability to be completely kick ass is the reason I chose her for this week's Hot Nerd!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hot Nerd of the Week: Karen Gillan

This one is probably going to get me a response from my fellow Dr. Who lover, Evan T., who is totally in love with Billie Piper. Karen Gillan is the companion of the 11th Doctor of Dr. Who, and quite possibly the hottest ginger on the planet.

Born and raised in Inverness, Scotland, Karen was an only child. She learned how to play the piano at age 7, and developed a huge love of acting as a child. At age 16 she began studying acting at Telford College in Edinburgh. At 18, she moved to London, and her beauty was soon noticed.

In 2007, Karen began modeling, and took on a few small television roles. Her big break came in 2010 when she was cast as the 11th Doctors companion.

Karen has quickly become a Comic-Con favorite, as well as a favorite of Dr. Who fans. She and Matt Smith are also portrayed in a comic book of the same name published by IDW. With her fabulous looks, and witty personality, this girl has no place to go but up, and that is why I chose her as this week's Hot Nerd.