Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Sunday Photo Dump!

Happy Halloweenie peeps! The party was a great success last night! We had a beer pong tourney, and dance parties, and all sorts of fun costumes. The best of which was Julietta Vendetta's Human Centipede costume. We also had some famous people in the crowd! Christine O'Connell, Lady Gaga and Snooki to name a few! Anyway, on with the photodump! I'll be back tomorrow with regular posts!

The most epic beer pong trophy ever made.
Human Centipede!
Dino-puppy showed us how tough she was by fighting two babies.
"You can't masturbate without lust.
Jamie, Ms. Marvel and Dr. Blake from Chlidrens Hospital!
Satan, Dr. Blake, Jacob the wolf boy and Snooki!
Me, Russel H., Cara M. and Evan T.!
Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye
"No Jess. Losers don't get to hold the trophy.
Beer Pong Champs!
That's all I've got for today! I'm off to hand out candy to the neighborhood kiddos! The best of which is pictured below!

Clark the Zombie Mummy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Wrap Up Halloween Style!

Hey all! This is going ot be the shortest post yer. I'm having a par-tay tonight, and I'm still trying to get stuff done. I'll be back tomorrow for "real Halloween"! Later gator!

Here are all the movies I've watched today. You should watch them too! :-)

1) Candyman (1992)

2) Zombieland (2009)

3) Shaun of the Dead

4) 30 Days of Night (2007)

Have a safe and happy night tonight! :-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Things You Should Be... Friday... HALLOWEEN EDITION!

Things You Should Be Listening To...

The Halloween Party Station- on Pandora! This station will get you in the Halloween spirit in no time at all! It features such classics as; "Werewolves of London", "Ghost Busters", "Purple People Eater", and "Time Warp"! This station has everything! 

I was going to include a pic from the single "Werewolves of London", but this guy was just teh kewt.

Things You Should Be Watching...

Anything Halloweeney! Scary, suspenseful, eerie, creepy!  Some of my favorite movies include "Paranormal Activity", "30 Days of Night", "Candyman" and "Hocus Pocus" (which is not really scary, but the nostalgia factor is through the roof).  AMC is also running a scary movie countdown, which ends with the premiere of "The Walking Dead" which is already the best new show this season. Also, "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" is fantastic to carve pumpkins to. What can I say? I'm a softie at heart.

Things You Should Be Reading...

Anything Edgar Allen Poe or Anne Rice- Anything by these two authors are an automatic creep fest. Also, I'm not going to remind you again, you should be reading "The Walking Dead"....

Lenore, the Cute Little Dead Girl- Super creepy comic by Roman Dirge based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem "Lenore". It's adorable, and totally disgusting/creepy at the same time. HIGHLY recommended by Carly.

Things You Should Be Doing...

Carving pumpkins! Putting the finishing touches on your costume! Having a scary movie marathon! Going on haunted hayrides! Drinking hot apple cider! I shouldn't have to tell you this!

Anyway, happy almost Halloween y'all!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot Nerd Thursday!

Since today is the day that mama T. gave the world little baby Evan T., I feel it necessary to post his article for "Hot Nerd Thursday". Don't forget to wish the big man a happy birthday if you see him! Enjoy!

Vin Diesel deserves some nerd props. Yeah, I just wrote that. Not a lot of people know about the nerdy side of the star of xXx and the Fast and the Furious franchise. It is there, however, and very, very real. Don't believe me? Well here it is.

1) he helped to create an entire sci fi universe. Like it or not there is no question that The Chronicles Of Riddick is a detailed environment filled with unique weapons, vehicles, planets and races. Laying the ground work for an eventually canceled  set of movies, Vin really did become a driving force for this franchise.

2) He founded his own video game development company. Vin wanted to create a game for his character Richard B Riddick but he didn't want this game to fall into the pit known as Movie Video Game Hell. So what did he do? He created his own. The company, Tigon, then put out The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay for the Xbox gaming system. It was praised for it's amazing graphics and it's innovative stealth game play. It also won awards from IGN, Gamespy, and Gamespot. Was Vin content with one fantastic game? Nope. He went on to make The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and Wheelman. As someone who has played them all let me tell  you that Vin really has kept a geeks attention to detail in the games.

3)  He is an avid fan of Dungeons and Dragons. That isn't a typo. Vin Diesel is a big D&D geek. When they decided to write a book for Dungeons and Dragons 30th anniversary, who wrote the forward? Gary Gygax? Dave Arneson? Maybe a super famous nerd like Bill Gates? Nope. Vin Diesel. He wrote about his love for the game and his character, Melkor. His nerdyness is so high he even had a tattoo of his character's name on his torso in xXx.

That's a whole lot of geek. If that wasn't enough, he was the Iron Giant. Yeah. And if you don't know the Iron Giant then nerd status is under review.  Really, I know you all might be huge fans of his but you have to give Vin Diesel his geek cred, his nerd props. He has earned it.

Pictured: Vin Diesel. Not pictured: Vin diesel's brother Van Unleaded.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wizarding Wednesdays!

Hello all! It's The Editors big 3-0 birthday today, so the post is going to be short and have nothing at all to do with wizarding. Below are a few videos that gave someone the idea for the television show "Jersey Shore"! So ladies and gentlemen, I give you (temporarily) Guido (G)Wednesday!

Hope you enjoy! And always remember.... a guido never cries...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Love DC Comics.

So, I've decided since the other days of the week are structured, Tuesday is going to be my free day to talk about whatever. Today I'm going to talk about why I love DC comics.

There has been an ongoing battle between DC and Marvel since the beginning of time. The franchises have both been around forever, and each franchise has it's own front runners. The front runners for DC being Superman and Batman, and the front runners for Marvel being The Spider Man and Iron Man. My issue has nothing to do with the front runners, it has to do with probably one of the smallest minority groups the comic book companies are trying to impress: women.

As a chick who likes comic books, I mainly stick to independent comic companies because I feel like most of the independent companies treat women as equals, and not as secretaries. Sure, the women are usually scantily clad, but you know what? Those women can kick ass. I'm talking about Gen 13, Hack/Slash, Fathom and Lady Death.

I feel like as far as Marvel and DC go, DC wins the equality prize hands down. I'm not saying that I don't like Marvel, I'm simply saying that it would be nice to see a strong stand-alone female character in a Marvel story who is not part of an ensemble. For example, Ms. Marvel, Rogue, and Emma Frost have all had their own stand alone series, however, none of these women can actually stand alone. Ms. Marvel is an Avenger and the other two are X-Men. On the other hand, DC comics has had strong independent females leading since 1941 when Wonder Woman first appeared. Catwoman, Zatanna and Supergirl are all examples of a great female lead character as well.

Just over a year ago, DC launched "Gotham City Sirens" to put up against Marvel's all female "Marvel Diva's". When I first saw both of these titles, I immediately ordered one of each. Needless to say, "Marvel Diva's" didn't hold a candle to "Gotham City Sirens". GCS took three of the most badass lady front runners from DC (Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn) and essentially made them room mates. These girls are hot,  and they not only look out for themselves, but each other. They kick ass and take names, fall in love, and steal from Batman. On the flip side Diva's takes three C list (at best) female characters and makes them the Sex in the City girls. The first issue ends with a sentence that's something like "I need to tell you girls something..... I have cancer". I mean, WTF?! Really?! First of all, it's not like it's insulting enough to paint these chicks out to be socialite alcoholics, but the LAST thing I EVER want to think of when I'm reading a comic is about one of the characters having cancer. I read comics as an escape from my life, and a chance to submerge myself into a world I could never live in, not be totally depressed waiting to read issue two where she starts chemotherapy! If I wanted to be depressed like that, I'd watch "The Notebook" or something...

Thank you, Paul Dini.
In closing, if you happen to run a large comic book company and would like to tap a market that needs tapping, PLEASE let me know. I'd love to come and consult for you ;-)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nerding 101: Points of Articulation

Hello class! Tonight we will be talking about one of my favorite things... ACTION FIGURES! Don't get too excited, because the topic I'm going to discuss is quite dry. Tonight we will be talking about points of articulation.

Points of articulation are basically the "joints" on an action figure. Generally speaking, there are at least 5 points of articulation on every action figure. Those 5 joints being shoulders (2), hips (2) and neck. Now, lets try and keep our heads out of the gutter while the nice naked Barbie shows us exactly what that means.

A few moves.
  See! Barbie has 5 points of articulation. Barbie is at the low end of the articulation spectrum, while the Hasbro Ms. Marvel 3.5 inch action figure is on the high end with 16 points of articulation.

Lotsa moves.
On the one hand, it's really cool that Ms. Marvel can move in so many ways, on the other hand, it's unfortunate that she has to look like she is wearing adult diapers under her spandex. 

An action figure that has no points of articulation is a sculpture. It looks pretty, but you can't really play with it. 

No moves, but awesome to look at.
To wrap things up, points of articulation are anywhere that a movable joint is on a toy. It doesn't get much simpler than that. Final example: Ms. Marvel's knee joints get 2 points of articulation each if they can move two ways. Ms. Marvel's knees can move from hip to knee, and then from knee to ankle, so they get two each. However, most action figures only have one joint in each knee, giving them only one point of articulation each.

I wanted to discuss this topic, because the first time it came up, I have no idea what it meant. Hopefully I just helped make your world a little nerdier!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

B.O. Bombs and Fart Circles

So, we attended the Albany Comic Con today which is about 1/100th as big as NYCC. It's always a fun time to go, even if you're just planning on stopping by. I've gone to so many Albany Con's now, that I have my favorites that I like to go visit. My two favorites have to be Nick Tapalansky and Jackie Santiago. Most recently, Nick wrote the graphic novel "Awakening", which is a very noir type murder mystery, involving zombies. Nick is an extremely talented author, who is well on his way to making a name for himself. I picked up the second volume of "Awakening" today, and I'm super excited to start reading it. Jackie happens to be Nick's brand new wife! About a year and a half ago, I started digging through Jackie's artwork at one of the cons, and now I have four pieces of her artwork in the Nerdatorium at my house. Her artwork is very distinct, and I would almost call it anime-ish. She creates her own characters, but she also draws her own rendering of different female comic book characters. I have Supergirl, Robin, Ms. Marvel and Catwoman on my wall :-) I couldn't be happier for these two, as they are not only incredibly skilled at what they do, but also two of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

"Awakening"-- Amazing story and cool ass artwork.

I know Evan T. has already made a post about comic con etiquette, however, I feel that I need to reiterate a few of these rules, and introduce you to a couple of con vocabulary words/phrases that you may not know.

I just want to touch on one subject that Evan T. did not know about because he is a boy. I am a girl. I am a nerdy girl. That being said, please do not be an asshole while I am looking through comic boxes. Just because I have my cell phone out, that does not mean that I am finished going though the box. All that means is that I'm looking at my comic book "needs" list PDF on my cell. So take you're ghetto assed notebook filled with chicken scratch and walk away. Do not attempt to rifle through my box while I am still in it, because I am a derby girl, and I will hip check you across the room.

And I'll booty block ya too.
 In addition, PLEASE I am begging you on behalf of the human race, PLEASE for the love of god, WEAR DEODORANT.  A shower once a day, or at very least, once every other day, would also help. I am not joking when I tell you that at one point, a kid next to me had B.O. so bad, that I literally had to walk away and throw up in my mouth a little. I referred to this kid as a B.O. bomb. Unless your B.O. is your defense to my hip check, PLEASE be current on your personal hygiene. Especially if you ever want to get to second base with a girl.

Chickity check yourself.
 My last tip is please, please, PLEASE don't eat super disgusting food before you visit the con. And if you do, pretty, pretty please stop and take a GasX before you get there. Flatulence seems to be an issue at all cons, big or small. I coined the phrase "fart circle" when we were at the NYCC. A fart circle is basically when there is a group of people (usually teenage girls) standing in a group together giggling and releasing SBD's (Silent But Deadly). If you are unfortunate enough to have to walk by, or god forbid, walk THROUGH a fart circle, I feel so sorry for you. You will immediately gag and put your nose into the collar of your shirt. One lone member of a fart circle is a crop duster.

The Google tag on this photo was "business-communications-icebreaker". I call it "corporate fart circle"
I hope you have learned a thing or two today. Please, for the love of god, heed my advice.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Wrap Up

Hey y'all! It's going to be a very short post, as I am going to the Louis CK show in just a couple of hours and still need to beautify myself.The next week is going to be a blur for me, so if the posts are super short, I hope you understand :-)

So, last night, The Editor, Evan T., Cara M. and myself went down to Ulster, NY, for the #1 haunted hayride in the U.S. It was expensive ($33/each), but totally worth it. They start with a hayride and then take you through four haunted houses and a haunted maze. It's called the Headless Horseman Hayride, and you may have seen it on the Travel Channel. I love the fall, and I especially love Halloween. There's something about hot apple cider and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake that just does wonders for the soul. Generally we go to Salem, MA, every October, but my schedule has been impossible this month, so we figured something closer would be nice. I'm not one to get real scared at haunted houses and the like, but this one was very suspenseful, and completely worth watching Cara M. almost pee herself numerous times. The only complaints were that the lines were outrageous (we had a 10 PM reservation and didn't get on the ride until 11:30 PM), and the obscene amount of "city people" there. Don't get me wrong, I love NYC, but standing in line with a bunch of them when the Yankees are getting eliminated from the playoffs, was not my cup of tea. I posted the 2010 advertisement for the place below!

Last but not least, if you're in the Capital District of New York and you're looking for something to do tomorrow,  the Albany Comic Con is going on at the Hilton on Wolf Road in Colonie. I'll be there along with The Editor and probably Evan T., so make sure you say "HI"!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Things You Should Be... Friday

Things You Should Be Listening To...

The Limousines. Especially their super catchy song "Internet Killed the Video Star" off of the album 'Get Sharp'. This song will get stuck in your head all day, in a really, really good way. It features lyrics like "that drum machine ain't got no soul".

The Geek Show Podcast. This panel of 5 wild and crazy guys will give you a weekly rundown of everything geeky. They will also get drunk while doing it! The show is recorded in Salt Lake City, UT and the panel is made up of host Kerry Jackson, a morning show host for X96 in Salt Lake City; Shannon "Wildcard" Barnson, childrens educator and bartender; Jeff Vice, film critic; Scott Pierce, TV critic; and last but not least Leigh George Kade, super-crafting extraordinaire (Fun fact: Leigh and his lovely wife, Rachel, will be making the cake toppers for the my wedding). These guys along with Derek Hunter, Zach Schutt, and a variety of other regular guests will keep you laughing the entire time you're listening. They are a great group of guys who will teach you everything you need to know about comic books, "Star Wars", movies and TV. If you need something to listen to at work (or home) I highly suggest subscribing to the show on iTunes.

Things You Should Be Watching ...

The League- This is probably my favorite show on television right now. It's about a bunch of guys in a fantasy football league, and somehow FX manages to make it SO much funnier than it sounds. You'll love it, even if you're not in a fantasy league yourself, but you will understand more of the jokes if you are. The show has a lot of people you'll recognize, but might not yet know. Paul Scheer (Human Giant) and Nick Kroll (Get Him to the Greek) are the first two to come to mind. The show also brings in guest stars like Chad Ochocinco, Jeff Cribbs and Terell Suggs. If you don't know who these people are, chances are you're not in a fantasy football league. Or you don't have VH1.

Boardwalk Empire. This is an HBO series set Atlantic City during the prohibition area. It is a snapshot of the illegal transport of alcohol by politicians and gangsters. It stars Steve Buscemi.

Steve Buscemi busy being the most awesome person on the planet.

Things You Should Be Reading...

The Walking Dead- You only have 9 days to read this super-awesome zombie apocalypse story written by Robert Kirkman, before they premiere the show TV show on Halloween! If you have never heard of "The Walking Dead", you probably live in a cave, because it's everywhere right now. This is your reading assignment for the week. OR you can just watch the trailer below and get the jist of things.

Well kids, that's all I've got for today! Have a great weekend, and I'll blog ya tomorrow!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hot Nerd Thursday!

Okay, so, in trying to figure out a format, I've decided that Thursdays are going to be "Hot Nerd Thursday"! I'm going to talk about a nerd (or two) every Thursday that I think are totaz hot. Obviously, your suggestions are welcome too! :-) Now presenting...

Hot Nerds

Felicia Day- I chose Felicia Day as my first Hot Nerd because she is a multi-talented nerd. Felicia is best known as Penny from "Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog", or as Codex from her wildly successful web series "The Guild." 

Day is an adorable redhead who is also super-talented. Not only is she the creator/writer/producer of "The Guild", she is also a professional-level violinist. She is a graduate of the Universtiy of Texas at Austin on a full scholarship in violin performance to double major in mathematics and music performance. Her wide range of nerdiness, as well as her love of video and RPG games, are the reasons why I have chosen Felicia Day to be Hot Nerd #1.
Brains and looks 
For the most part, I'm not really all that attracted to gingers, but Felicia's looks and wittiness are a combination that makes me completely weak in the knees. Her next appearance will be in the SyFy movie "Red: Werewolf Hunter" premiering October 30th. Generally speaking, SyFy movies are generally shit ("Sharktopus" anyone?) but this one looks totally BA. Take a look for yourself!

I'll be back tomorrow with an all new post, but in the meantime, if you can think of any Hot Nerds you'd like to see on the blog in the future, let me know!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wizarding Wednesdays!

Hello again all! Guess who has the flu + a sinus infection? Yup, it's me! Is that going to keep me from posting? Heck no! All the regular Wizarding folk will be over in a bit, I'll just be on the couch flipping through the TV I have on the box. Since it's "Wizarding Wednesday", I have no choice but to watch "Merlin". As previously stated, not my favorite BBC show, but it'll do. Especially in a situation like this. :-)

I thought I would do some more research about what the "outside" world  thinks about the D&D world. When I started my descent into the topic, I knew I'd run into some crazy ignorance, I just didn't know HOW crazy. It seems to me like each church group that has an issue with D&D has had someone they know PERSONALLY commit suicide because of D&D. I'm going to let it be known now that in my 26 (almost 27) years on this planet, I have never known a single person to commit suicide because of D&D. Weird that all these churches can....

This guy is thinking "Ugggggh, that dick DM totally almost killed my character! Gimmie some Cheetos", NOT, "Wooooow, I think I'll kill myself".

Did you also know that D&D is a cult? According to my research, it totally is! Let us forget for a moment  that the game helps kids (and some adults) develop social relationships with their peers and forces you to use your imagination, instead of playing video games. According to one of the websites I visited ( the people you play D&D with are not your friends, and would never be there for you in a time of need. This is absolutely ridiculous. The people I play D&D with are some of my best friends on the planet. They would do (and have done) anything for me. And I would do anything for them. When I had my tonsils out, they were there the next night with Popsicles in hand.  When the day comes that I have kids, I would absolutely trust any of them to watch my children. To some people, that may make me a horrible parent, but who else would I rather watch my kids than a group of people with college degrees and huge imaginations?

Wizarding Wednesday group: Lock your doors and hide your children. These are the most dangerous people you will ever meet.
I feel like the people making a stink about D&D are the same people who think that Harry Potter is going to pollute the minds of children and make them evil. This is nothing more than ignorance, pure and simple. Remember "Footloose"? All the guy wanted to do is dance. Nothing evil. Just dance and be with the girl he loved. Her Bible-thumping father wouldn't let them be together because of the dancing. So silly. Chances are, if there is a boy who hangs around your daughter and all he wants to do is dance, you don't need to worry about him sleeping her. Remember the Salem Witch Trials? Ignorance was what sent all of those people to their deaths.
There are always going to be bad people in the world. Dancing, playing D&D, video games or the music you listen to does not have any effect on whether or not your child becomes a murderer or a thief. That being said, if you approach things with an open mind, the world becomes a much nicer place. In no way am I saying to compromise what you believe in, all I'm saying is, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. :-)

If you happened to read this post and still feel like you would like to be an evil cult leader, here is a video showing you how to achieve that dream.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Super Tuesday!

Good evening all! I've decided that tonight will be the last of the NYCC pics from this year. I will also be posting pics from the previous NYCC. I'm not feeling great today, so I apologize for the lack of content, however, everyone likes looking at pictures, right? ;-)

Here's just a couple of short things I'd like to touch on before the photo dump. 1) Kick-Ass vol 2 comes out tomorrow, so I might just break my "comic books on Friday only" rule and go pick it. I suggest you do too, because Kick-Ass is awesome. 2) I'm slightly irritated because SyFy has decided to make my current second favorite BBC TV show, "Being Human" into an American version (my first favorite being "Doctor Who", obviously). I mean, don't we all speak English? *sigh* I get that "The Office" was a great idea to bring over into American culture, but the BBC had the right idea to end "The Office" over there before it got a chance to get shitty, like the American version. 3) I'm quite sure that The Editor and I will be making a trip down to North Carolina the weekend of November 14-16 for the NCCC. November is the time of year when the weather starts to totally suck in the Northeast, so if you have the ability, I suggest you come see us!

And now, on with the photodump!

Carly  + The Ultimate Comics = BFF

Ms. Marvel had fallen off the wagon
And finally, here are the pick from the 2009 NYCC, when The Editor and I were just a couple of young things....

I <3 Ugly Dolls...

I thought it was a marshmallow, until The Editor informed me that it was a large roll of TP.


Dear Land of the Lost, thank you for giving me the word "Sleestack"

Me and The Editor in our younger years...
My very first Nerdgasm
Hope you enjoyed the post! I'll be catching you tomorrow, for Wizarding Wednesday!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nerding 101: The Difference Between a Comic Book and a Graphic Novel

Hello class! Tonight we will be discussing the difference between a graphic novel and a comic book. It's going to get intense, so buckle yourself in, and enjoy the ride!

I've decided to choose this topic for the first "Nerding 101", because there seems to be a bit of confusion about it. I was very proud to hear that Russell H. went toe to toe with someone over the differences. It seems that most people think that a comic book and a graphic novel are two completely different things. Comic books being more childish, and having more to do with "capes" (eg: Superman, Batman, X-Men, etc), whereas graphic novels are more "grown up, with complex story lines". I believe that these people are completely wrong.

In my opinion, the definition a comic book is cut and dry. Whether it is a stand alone issue or part of an ongoing series, you generally get these once a month, or once every other month, and it is part of a larger story. Comic books are generally under thirty pages and can be purchased for the most part either online or in a comic book store.

Comic books = small
I would define a graphic novel as one of two things. Either a collection of comic books or when a writer and an artist get together and create a story that they feel can be told in a format larger than a comic book, but has artwork, so it's not quite a novel.  "Graphic novel" is a term used to smarten up the readership so that the 35 year old person buying it doesn't feel silly asking for a "comic book". Also, you can buy graphic novels at Barnes and Noble.

Graphic novels = medium
Manga = graphic novel

To complicate things further there are trade paperbacks and omnibuses which are compendiums of an ongoing series like "Wolverine" and other Marvel and DC titles which go back years.

Omnibus = LARGE
While consulting Wikipedia for some insight into this, the lines were even blurry there. Because comic books got their start as "The Funnies" in the Sunday paper, most people don't take them as seriously as something like "The Watchmen", which most people consider "the best graphic novel ever written". "The Watchmen" is not a graphic novel. It was a 12 issue comic book series.

When it comes down to it, a graphic novel and a comic book are basically the same thing. One comic book is a part of a larger story, while one graphic novel takes 5 or 6 comic books, puts them together and calls it a graphic novel. I tend to collect comics and read graphic novels (or trade paperbacks) because I love my comics and I'm very clumsy and don't want to spill something on them. It's also nice to read a collection of comics at once, and get the whole story arch in one sitting rather than waiting a month for the next issue to come out.

In regards to the "real" definition of a graphic novel I  think that Alan Moore said it best when he said  "It's a marketing term ... that I never had any sympathy with. The term 'comic' does just as well for me. ... The problem is that 'graphic novel' just came to mean 'expensive comic book' and so what you'd get is people like DC Comics or Marvel Comics — because 'graphic novels' were getting some attention, they'd stick six issues of whatever worthless piece of crap they happened to be publishing lately under a glossy cover and call it The She-Hulk Graphic Novel...". The term "graphic novel" is meant to sound like more than it actually is. So remember all you non-nerds, when you're walking around with your nose in the air and a graphic novel in your hand, don't snicker at us for reading a comic. Because you are too.

Alan Moore: Smartest Man on the Planet

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hello everyone! Hope y'all are having a great weekend! Tonight's post is going be short and sweet. :-) We will start "Nerding 101" tomorrow, as one of the panel members will not be here until late this evening. My fingers also have a million tiny hot glue burns all over them because of the copious amount of crafting I've done today, so it's very difficult to type at the moment. It's been a good weekend thus far, and a very good day today, because big Ben Rothlisberger is back playing football, and I am currently 50 points ahead of Matty K. in fantasy. *evil giggling*

A big congratulations is in order for Team Zombie of the Hellions of Troy Roller Derby Team for their win last night. Reading Rambo and Deadlie Mercury are my heroes! A pat on the back goes out to Team Vampire for keeping up and giving their best <3
The first thing I have for you tonight is a picture I took right before we started "Wizarding Wednesday". This picture sums up all the reasons I love my first derby wife, Cara soooooooo much. <3

We're nerds, but we also support breast cancer research (note sprinkles)

So, currently Evan T., The Editor, KMac and myself are watching football and baseball. Evan T. always the gentleman, brought the following for snacks for us all to enjoy.

Just another reason why DC is better than Marvel.
Not that I don't love you all, but I must go back to my crafting. I'm working on making a kick ass Hawkeye costume, and I really want to finish it by the time I'm 100. What can I say? I'm a regular Martha Stewart. ;-) Have a great rest of the weekend, and I'll catch ya after work tomorrow!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hellions of Troy Roller Derby Intra-League Vampires vs. Zombies Bout TONIGHT!

So I have to put this up here, because they're the women I love, and hopefully will be back practicing with soon. I'm a member of the Hellions of Troy Roller Derby team, but I've been on leave since July for a number of reasons. 1) Mono 2) tonsillectomy 3) falling off a chair and majorly bruising myself. If anyone local to the Capital District is looking for something to do this evening, the lovely ladies are putting on an intra-league bout TONIGHT. Its at Rollerama in Schenectady, NY (2710 Hamburg Street), and doors open at 7 PM. Make sure you cheer for Deadlie Mercury! She's my wife ;-)
The Hellions are hosting their first ever intra-league bout, ZOMBIES Vs. VAMPIRES! And what a better way to do it, than to have some Halloween fun! The Zombies will be taking on the Vampires to battle out who the real queens of horror are! Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door, Children 12 and under are $3. Doors open at 7, and the whistle blows at 8. Fan costumes are encouraged!! We want to see you there!

Bi-weekly Comic Book Review Spectacular!

Most comic book nerds will tell you that Wednesdays are new comic book day, and they are completely right. However, I like to save money on my comics (in addition, there are really no good comic books shops in Albany), so I have them shipped to my house bi-weekly. It's actually pretty great since I'm insanely busy during the week. It's like a little mini Christmas a couple of times a month. Let's take a look at this week's order!

Fables Covers by James Jean- I have been waiting for this book for nearly two years. The first printing sold like hotcakes, and for a long time the only place you could find it was on eBay for a couple hundred dollars. Being the dork I am, I would love to have a first print of it, but a second print is just as good. James Jean one of my favorite artists on the planet. Fables is the best comic book I've ever read. The creative writing skills of Bill Willingham, with the artwork of James Jean, is a mix for some of the best imaginative experiences I've ever had. When I saw the "Covers" book in the box, I flipped through it, then held it like a baby and stroked it, and told it how much I love it. Seriously.
 Wizard of Oz Plush Dolls- Yup, I'm a girl. And as a girl, I like adorable things. I placed the order for these all the way back in February, and ever since then, every Friday I sit patiently by the front door waiting for the UPS man to bring them to me. They're finally here! And they're teh kewt. 
Ignore the Alice's for now, I don't have them.. yet...

 The Unwritten #18- From the first issue of Unwritten, I knew it was going to be something great. Here is the synopsis; Wilson Taylor was a famous author who wrote a series of childrens books and disappeared at the height of his success. The main character in his books was named "Tommy Taylor" after his son Tom. The books are about a wizard named "Tommy Taylor" who is a great wizard, and has wizarding friends and goes to a wizarding school, and has a nemesis (imagine Harry Potter). Meanwhile, the real Tom Taylor is a minor celebrity due to the success of his fathers books. Some of the fans actually think that he may be the real wizard, Tommy Taylor. The story follows Tom and his trials and tribulations, and figuring out what is reality and what is fantasy. 
Also featuring super cool artwork!

Grimm Fairy Tales #50 and 51-  Each issue of Grimm Fairy Tales has two parts: a frame story and a fairy tale. The frame story revolves around Sela, who has been given the ability to help people by showing them fairy tales with a lesson about their life. She struggles with the fact that people ignore her advice and ruin their lives anyway, and begins using her ability to dispense justice. Each comic has a version of a classic fairy tale, such as "The Little Mermaid" or "The Three Little Pigs". I chose this series for Russell H. to begin his foray into the world of comics. It has lots of chesty women, and is pretty violent, but is still a really cool story with really cool artwork. 
Chesty LaRue

iZombie- iZombie is a story about a gravedigger in Eugene, Oregon named Gwen. Her closest friend is a ghost named Ellie who died in the 1950's. Gwen is mostly undead. Not in the violent "All I want to do is eat your brains" sort of way, but in a way that she doesn't have to kill. Instead, Gwen uses her job as a gravedigger to eat freshly dead brains a couple of times a month. The biggest problem with that, is that she retains some of the victims memories, which makes for some pretty interesting run in's with the deceased person's family members. 
She's pretty hot for a dead girl.

Sweet Tooth #14- Sweet Tooth is my favorite new comic of the past year. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic society where human/animal hybrids exist, and people hunt them. Gus is a sweet 9 year old boy with antlers, a rare human/animal hybrid. He is raised in a very ignorant Christian household by his father, until his father passes away, leaving Gus all by himself. That is until Tommy Jepperd, a drifter, enters Gus' life.  The two are on the run from hunters and mad scientists who want to harm Gus. Tommy leads Gus to "The Preserve" where Gus finally meets other hybrids, and finally discovers the horrors of the hybrid species and why his father wanted to protect him from the others. Jeff Lemire offers a great story with very original artwork. Jeff is the one artist I was sad to see was not at the NYCC.

That's about all I've got this week. there will be Supergirl and The Walking Dead in two weeks, so we can talk about that when they get here! Tomorrow will be a segment I would like to call "Nerding 101". I'm still trying to put together a solid structure here, so bear with me for a couple more weeks! Hope you're all having a great weekend!